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Common Problems - What is Die Back?

What are the causes of tree die back.

1. Old age – As trees get older, their ability to transport nutrients up and down the tree trunk is diminished. Much like the arteries in people becoming clogged up with advancing age, a similar process happens in trees with fungi and pathogens causing the problem.

2. Lightning damage – A lightning strike to a tree is not always fatal. Although the damage to the tree is caused in a split second, the damage may not become apparent for up to 90 days. There is no action that can be taken during this time period that will increase the trees chances of survival. If the tree survives the 90 day period then it will probably not die.

3. Construction damage – Construction and digging causes damage to the root systems of trees. The root system of a tree extends outward from the tree about the distance of three times the height of the tree. During construction, damage to the root system within the drip line of the tree can cause serious problems to the tree. Any construction in or on this drip line area must be carefully planned for maximum root preservation.


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