Jacksonville Florida trusts the care of its treasured "Treaty Oak"
to the Consulting Arborist for the City - Early Piety
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Complete Tree Care...As certified arborists we are qualified to perform all of the services required to keep your trees alive and healthy, as well as, perform services to mitigate damage and liability of dead or dying trees. Our Services start with proper planning or pre-planning of building, development or construction sites, consulting, diagnostics and maintenance to trimming, pruning, and demossing.

Tree Diagnostics...Accurate diagnosis requires careful examination and a systematic process of elimination. For example, certain insects invade only certain types of trees. Knowing the tree can quickly limit the number of suspected causes.

Tree Maintenance...Timely maintenance is required to keep trees healthy and alive. Regular inspections can keep your trees free of damage caused by neglect and assurance that your trees are in a healthy environment.

Tree Planning...Prior to building a new home or any type of construction around trees, consult with an arborist to set guidelines for machinery, digging and trenching that needs to take place near trees. A safe distance around trees can be established that will ensure that the roots of trees are not damages and consequently the health of the trees put at risk. 

Tree Trimming...When trees become a hazard to property or power lines they need to be trimmed. Always work with a full insured arborist like Specialty Tree Surgeons to make sure your tree work is done properly and with the health of the tree respected.

Tree Demossing...An excess of moss can damage a tree and become a nuisance for a homeowner. In these cases call on an experienced arborist to relieve the problem.

Tree Removals...In the event that a tree needs to be completely removed we can perform all of the necessary steps in a safe manor to avoid any complications or further damage. We follow industry practices in cutting, trimming, removing, chipping and stumpgrinding.

Lightning Protection...Whether for Commercial, residential or Golf Courses, we have lightning protection devices and strategies that 95% percent effective. Consult with Early Piety regarding the successful implemention of lightning protection for your situation.


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