Jacksonville Florida trusts the care of its treasured "Treaty Oak"
to the Consulting Arborist for the City - Early Piety
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Welcome to Specialty Tree Surgeons - the Consulting Arborist for the "Treaty Oak" and the City of Jacksonville, FL

Located on Prudential Drive, just blocks from "Friendship Fountain". Treaty Oak Park, as it's popularly known, is the park that surrounds "Treaty Oak". A magnificent specimen of "Quercus Virginiana", or Live Oak. Treaty Oak is over two centuries old and its trunk is over 25 feet in circumference. Treaty Oak is 70 foot tall and is also known as "Jacksonville's Favorite Oak".

In 1964 the Alfred I. duPont Foundation donated the land that the park is situated on, to the City of Jacksonville, to be used " only for a public park, one of the purposes of which is to preserve the ancient oak commonly known as the Treaty Oak... for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public".

Treaty Oak was given it's popular name by a journalist who was intent on saving it from developers. Even though it was not true the reporter wrote a newspaper story that claimed a treaty had been signed by indians and early settlers, beneath the trees bountiful limbs.

Specialty Tree Surgeons is uniquely qualified to handle your treasured trees with the experienced care, wisdom and integrity. Questions about any of your trees? Call Early Piety at Specialty Tree Surgeons - (904) 733-4455.





Early Piety - Winner of the 2006 Canopy Award from Greenscape

We are also the Consulting Arborists for Atlantic Beach

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