Jacksonville Florida trusts the care of its treasured "Treaty Oak"
to the Consulting Arborist for the City - Early Piety
Call Early at Specialty Tree 733-4455 for all your tree care needs.
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Tree Maintenance

From ongoing tree maintenance contracts to one-off tree surgery projects, Specialty Tree offers a complete professional tree surgery service to clients throughout Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

Our team of professionals work under the direction of Early Piety, our lead Arborist, and are fully qualified to handle your tree work to a very high standard.

We undertake wildlife assessments to ensure there are no nesting birds before any work commences.

Our Specialist Services include:

The removal of trees by cutting them off at ground level.

Total tree removal in sections using specialist lowering and rigging equipment

Crown Reduction
A method of pruning to reduce the size of the canopy using approved techniques

Crown Lifting
Pruning to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles and buildings by removing lower branches.

Crown Thinning
Pruning to increase light penetration and air movement by removing selective branches.

Dead Wooding
The removal of hazardous branches and decaying timber.


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